Rollover Pre-Call Checklist

Step 1

Confirm with your plan administrator that you're eligible for a rollover under the provisions of your plan.

Step 2

Assess your options. There are several resources available on this website to help answer questions
that you might have.

Step 3

Review your investment choices if you want to open a John Hancock IRA rollover account.

Step 4

Make your move

Whether you want to do it yourself or ask one of our Rollover Education Specialists for help, it is
always a good idea to have:

- Your Social Security Number

- A copy of your most recent 401(k) account statement

- The names, dates of birth and Social Security numbers of any beneficiaries you’d like on your IRA (optional)

- Your Email address (optional)

- The minimum initial investment to open an IRA Rollover Account with John Hancock is $1,000.