Have a Large Balance in your 401(k)?

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Large Account Balances

Over time, as your account balance grows, exactly how to manage the assets in your 401(k) becomes more and more important. Although there are many financial information resources available to you, many may not be relevant to your unique situation.

What you need to know
  • Managing large account balances can be a challenge.
  • Information sources can be confusing.
  • Financial representatives can be a good resource.

It might be time to consider using a financial representative as a resource to help guide you through the decision making process about how best to manage your funds. A financial representative can offer an objective view of your situation. In addition a financial representative often has access to other professionals in the areas of law and accounting that could help you as well.

To find out more about how a Financial Representative can help you, play the brief video above and review some of the relevant articles on this site.