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Choosing investments for a goal as important as retirement can be a bit overwhelming for some taxpayers. Many factors influence the decision, including total savings need, time horizon, and general tolerance for risk. For those who want to minimize the decision-making when it comes to choosing investments, John Hancock offers two possible solutions — the Retirement Living and Lifestyle Portfolios.

Retirement Living Portfolios

Retirement Living portfolios are the most hands-off option in terms of decision-making. They take much of the guesswork out of diversification by leaving the investing to the professionals, who carefully construct and monitor each portfolio. Each Retirement Living Portfolio’s asset mix changes over time to adjust to an appropriate asset allocation mix according to how many years are left to the targeted retirement date. The further it is from the retirement date, the more aggressive the portfolio mix. As it gets closer to the retirement date, the portfolio is automatically reallocated and becomes more conservative to reduce risk and volatility. All individuals need to do is select the one portfolio that best matches their retirement date.

Lifestyle Portfolios

By contrast, Lifestyle Portfolios require a bit more active involvement from their taxpayers — but not too much! Lifestyle Portfolios provide one-step diversification in the form of five investment alternatives that match five distinct risk strategies. Individuals determine which of the five alternatives is most appropriate for their risk tolerance by taking a brief, six-question quiz. The results of the quiz help identify an investor’s style, and suggest the Portfolio that may best meet his or her risk profile. Our experts professionally manage the five different Portfolios, ensuring the appropriate mix of the underlying funds for each risk target with a goal of enhancing potential returns while minimizing risk. Once taxpayers select the Portfolio that is aligned with their risk profiles, they need only monitor changes in their risk tolerance level over time and adjust their choices as necessary. (Periodically retaking the quiz will help individuals gauge their changing investment needs.)

Automatic Pilot

The same professionals who manage the Retirement Living and Lifestyle Portfolios are also responsible for rebalancing them on a regular basis. That means that they make adjustments in each Portfolio’s holdings to help keep it on track relative to its objective.

One Rule of Thumb

When choosing a Lifestyle or Retirement Living Portfolio, taxpayers should bear in mind that — like all asset allocation funds — these Portfolios are designed to be a single solution; that is, they are not intended to be combined with other mutual funds within a retirement portfolio. For this reason, Lifestyle and Retirement Living Portfolios are probably most appropriate for taxpayers who really want to leave the vast majority of the decisions to the professionals. Remember, Retirement Living and Lifestyle Funds are subject to investment risk and the potential loss of principal.

As with any type of mutual fund, taxpayers should review a Lifestyle or Retirement Living Portfolio’s fund fact sheet and prospectus, which contain more information about fees and risks and should be read carefully before investing or sending money.

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